Beautiful sand cast glass made in Britain

The rugged terrain of rural Western England where Sue spent her formative years has influenced her works of art. Her fascination with the rugged landscape inspired her to study Geology at University to degree level. Her fascination for rocks, textures and the power of the sea has had a profound influence on her work.

Sue has achieved acclaim in her native country for her high quality imaginative studio glass. From her studio based in Stourbridge, the home of British Glass, she is now offering her work to a discriminating international audience.

Sue works in two distinctive techniques. One is the exciting and dynamic technique of pouring hot molten glass which is over 2000˚F into moulds and then manipulating the pieces by hand using protective hand covering.


Sue’s other exciting line is highly distinctive, mirrored glass display platters which can be wall mounted or free-standing. These are suitable for distinctive homes; high impact displays in professional offices or communal areas of exclusive residential buildings. Sue’s influences have origins in the forces of nature and the complex interaction between humans and the world around them. These influences includes textures created by such forces as erosion of rock faces; evolution of coral reefs and the effect of volcanic eruptions creating rock formations. Sue’s work is dedicated to expressing the dynamic relationships of these forces of nature.