Frauenau revisited

Frauenau glass museum Rococco Church Frauenau Rike Scholle

Took a short trip to Frauenau last week via Munich. It was a short but busy trip. I shared an excellent lunch with Erwin Eisch who is on great form and looking forward to his one-man exhibition to celebrate the re-opening of the .National Glass Centre at SunderlandUniversity. It was nice to renew old friendships with the guys in the factory that helped me during my Artist in Residence stint. Also had chance to try out the factory vending machine, full of beer!!

The Eisch Gallery was in full swing with its latest exhibition by Rike Scholle. Well worth a look on the Eisch Gallery site. A chance to also meet up with Sissi Ziglsperger a very good friend who oversees a lot of the exhibitions and gallery there.

I also had a chance to meet up with a German collector of my work who has three major pieces. I had to actually go to his home to sign a piece for him on the way back to Munich.

All in all an excellent visit. Maybe back there later this year!