Guanajuato Week 1

Hi Folks.

As you may know I’m taking some time out from my studio to explore other fields of art and the artists of Mexico.  Look out for my blog on my website, facebook and Ruskin Glass Centre website, 

My adventure started in LA where I hooked up with a friend, picked up a car and started the long drive south.

We drove through both the Mojave and Sonara deserts stopping in Palm Springs and Tuscon Arizona in the US and then through the border at Nogales picking up Highway 15 and heading on down through San Carlos, Alamos, Mazatlan, Tlaquepaque and Guanajuato.

We had many adventures on the way, including getting the opportunity to release baby turtles in the Gulf of Mexico; melting the car seat as temperatures topped out at 108F and some days were just slogging down the highway with the landscape getting greener as we headed south.

Despite many warnings of dangers, bad roads and bandits, without fail we found people extraordinarily friendly and helpful.  The roads were great all the way down and mostly empty.

Finally, last Saturday, we arrived in Guanajuato, having read extensively about the city its location and the wealth of creativity here it has truly blown me away.

The city is hidden away 6,800ft in the mountains, but set in a gorge with houses spilling up either side of the mountains. It is full of beautiful colonial buildings theatres and museums and wonderful parks to relax in shady comfort.

Right now there is the Cervantino Festival going on where artists, dancers, singers, theatre, opera, cinema from around the world gather here for 3 weeks and perform in the spectacular environs of Guanjuato.

I have been welcomed by all I meet and already going to see some great music and theatre as well as several gallery openings.  I have also met a great Ceramist Martin Gurvara who has generously invited me to his studio and given me my first insights into working with ceramics.   This place is just fabulous!!

Take a look at a few of my images,and there are more on my Facebook page.

My first ceramic lesson the way home First view of Guanajuato Alamos street Empty road ahead Cantina wall decor Cool paper sculpture