Guanajuato Wk 2

Well the second week has just flown by.

I now have furniture, and the house is coming together.

I’m starting to get to know the city, its many alleys or callejon, all rising steeply from the centre.   It is a cultural, historical and architectural gem.   So much so that in 1988 it was declared a UNESCO  World Heritage City.

Right now it is just buzzing with visitors from all around the world for the Cervantino Festival.

I have been to see some great music all around the city. Some of the stand out performances were: the Guanajuato Symphony Orchestra in the Theatro Principal, a beautiful art deco building;  Hermanos Carrillo from Veracruz at the spectacular Ex Hacienda de San Gabriel de Barrera and flamenco at the Midi Restaurant in Casa Quattro.

Yesterday I visited the Valenciana silver and gold mine, at one time a 3rd of the worlds silver came from this mine.  It is still producing silver 400 years on and miners from Spain, America, the UK and now Canada still work it.  Cornish miners once worked this mine, and I’m told there is a town not far from here where you can still buy Cornish Pasties, its on my ever increasing list of places to visit.

As an example of the kindness of the Mexicans, I had lunch in the house of Count Valenciana, got chatting to the owner about Mexican food, and now have an invitation to her kitchen and learn how to make some traditional Mexican cuisine.

There is a mixture of art in this city.  Quite a lot of rubbish, as you would expect, but some great silversmiths.  One I met, Catherine Gielis makes beautiful silver jewellery and installations from copper.  There are also some great stone sculptors in the area that work the unusual green and powder pink stone.  Even the sugar sweets are a work of art, more of those and the coming Day of the Dead celebration next week

.Locally carved sculpture Hermanos Carrillo from Veracruz GTO at dawn Basilca of our lady

out on the town GTO tunnel entrance Love this sculpture Don Quxiote stained glass Detail from local pottery