Guanajuato Wk 6




Blowtolope Blowtolope facing Chalk art Chicken Jug Craneo bowl Mandela chalk art Martin at work Martin Guevara



I’ve been so busy lately, I just haven’t got around to posting anything.


My quest to work with local artists has been achieved, I’m back to school and learning Spanish, as well as learning to cook traditional dishes with a local chef.

Here are a few things that I have been making with Martin Guevara.  He is a local ceramic artist with an international presence.  He has kindly taken me on and is teaching me the pre hispanic style of working and firing ceramics, particular to the Guanajuato area.

It is only by trying to duplicate this ancient style that I have realised just how very skilled these people were in moulding and shaping such imaginative  forms.   Also imitating the firing technique  using charcoal requires knowledge and skill to know when the temperature is correct, and a certain amount of luck and faith.  We have had both disasters and spectacular success with amazing metallic colouration.

As always there is loads going on here.  Just  recently we had the Madonnari festival.   This originates in Italy with people creating pavement pictures of Madonnas.  It has moved on to include many other subjects a couple of examples here.

Off tonight to see our Lady of Guadalupe festival.   This is a catholic festival fused with Mexican enthusiasm, with I’m told much singing and dancing in native costumes.

Will tell all next time …………………………..